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why this procession is so personal for so many. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. >> a procession tonight through the streets of the mission mark it is day of the dead and honors those no longer with us including loved ones and ancestors. amber lee is with us to show us the roots of this tradition. >> reporter: we're live where
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people have set up altars like this one. but the main attraction is the annual procession through the streets of the mission. all eyes were drawn to the aztec dancers and their colorful head gear witnessed by hundreds in the procession many with candles. the spirit of ancestors come to visit once a year on this day. >> i'm teeling -- feeling very happy and feel great to showcase our culture. >> they have the food and drink that they love and things like that to honor the dead. >> reporter: this woman told us the tradition of face paint appealed to her as she honored
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her friend robert yagey killed in a bicycling accident years ago. >> i love that people come together to make art in the name of someone they love to create something beautiful, you know when things are seemingly falling apart. >> reporter: this woman built an altar if her late son-in-law and deceased family members. >> this is like bringing them back to remember the good times, what they liked and what they didn't like, just to be celebrating with them that we haven't forgot them. >> reporter: back here live there are a lot of people gathered here at garfield park after watching the procession. they are here to see the many altars that have been set up here in the neighborhood. amber lee, ktvu news. happening now, a close call on the waters of san francisco bay. this is a live picture of the richmond san rafael bridge. the coast guard tells us that a barge broke lose about 8:30 and was a drift near the bridge. there was concern it might hit
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the bridge but a coast guard person tells us it was being being tugged back in place. this is surveillance video of the attack on october 10th. investigators say the man in the video is devean riley. he punched and killed a muni agent who tried to stop him from bringing his bike on the train. and a fatality shut down business service. a man was struck and killed by a train while he was working on the tracks. service was suspended for about three hours. muni says it now plans to install security to watch for people walking on the tracks they hope to do that sometime next year. traffic is back to normal on highway 680 after a big rig
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accident shut down all traffic on all four lanes. the 50-year-old truck driver was headed north when he drifted toward the shoulder, overcorrected and crashed into the center divide. it took hours to clear the  wreckage. the driver was pulled from his cab and taken to the hospital complaining of pain. all lanes reopened about 5:15 this evening. bail was set at $2 million today for a santa rosa woman accused in a deadly crash while trying to run over her boyfriend. heather howell slam into a car being driven by jesse garcia. she was speeding after an argument with her boyfriend
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back in july, she was intoxicated at the time. in turn contributed to a spiking gas prices. chevron says it is cooperating with state and federal negotiations. chevron has pointed to a corroded pipe as the trigger for that fire. if you bought gas lately, you probably noticed that prices have plummeted. ktvu's maureen naylor found gas at $3.59. well below the record high prices of just below a month ago. >> reporter: a few weeks ago gas averaged $4.68. ant tonight at least here $3.89. aaa expects that downward trend to continue. >> typically i spend maybe $40 a day on gas. >> reporter: because he has to cover the price of gas and
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commutes from san jose, he pays close attention to gas prices. >> i see it's trending down, it's given me a little more room to breathe. >> reporter: in san francisco the average cost for a gallon is $3.48. in oakland you will pay $3.03. san jose $4.01 and vallejo $3.98. cars lined up at this shop because of the price, $3.59 a gallon. >> cheapest gas in san jose. >> that's why you come here. >> i always come here. >> my wife entirely thinks i'm not very smart that i drive 6 miles to get something that's 6- cents a gallon cheaper. >> you go to san francisco quite a bit, at least once a month. but the gas is too high right now. >> reporter: likely too high for this pizza delivery man to stay in a job he enjoys.
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>> i already considered getting a different job. something where i'm not depending on my car. >> reporter: the governor took action to switch to winter gasoline sooner. reporting live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu. >> coming up at 10:30, what new jersey governor chris christie is doing to help ease a gas crunch in the wake of the storm. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live now in lafayette and tells us opponents of the tax measure are at work to get out the vote, jana. >> reporter: those teachers and governor brown are campaigning hard. but a recent poll show support slipping. today we found people on both
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sides of this issues battling for both. >> reporter: in contra costa county teachers stood on street corners for hours tonight urging drivers to support proposition 30. these teachers say if prop 30 does not pass, schools will have to cut costs. >> we're talking about 11 fewer days to teach the math, science, reading and language arts that is really important for our students. >> i would say this is about the worse i've seen. or it will be if this doesn't pass. >> reporter: governor brown put proposition 30 on the ballot to raise $6 billion that has been allocated this year for csu
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budgets. it would also increase the state's sales tax. the tax increase would not apply to gasoline or food. >> no on proposition 30, thank you for voting. >> the funding isn't guaranteed to go to the schools. my biggist concern is giving everyone more money to the senators and assembly people up there and have it just spend it away before we raise taxes on anyone we need to get control of spending. we have a spending problem not a taxing problem. >> reporter: this week field polls showed that support the trended up. reporting live, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. the battle over proposition 37 on the labeling of genetically modified foods led to charges and denials today.
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a spoátar -- a supporter of the measure said that the fda had came up with the adds circulated by the no on prop 37 campaign. the number of registered voters the now at an all time high. the secretary of state's office says there are now 18.2 million registered voters. 950,000 have signed up since the last presidential session. until part to the state aou -- until part of the state registration system. this appears to be the largest number of registered californians since record were kept. the unemployment rate rose
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slightly to 7.9% up from 7.8% in september as more people started looking for work. labor department figures show the economy has added jobs for 25 straight months. those unemployment numbers are providing ammunition for both presidential candidates. in two minutes how both sides are spinning the numbers on their final push on the campaign trail. you're in for a betiful weekend. i'll show you just how warm it will get where you live. >> the woman who took on san francisco's embattle sheriff takes a stand. why she wants you to vote for anyone expect this woman. >> and people are on the street, the three messages they're delivering tonight and why they think it will work.
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tonight is first friday in oakland, the event started seven years ago. each month first friday seems to be getting bigger to the point that police are shutting down streets. many who came out tell us that the city needs first fridays especially as it deals with more crime. tonight religious leaders and community members hit the street offering help and a plea to stop the rising violence. eric rasmussen live in oakland where who they are trying to
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reach, eric. >> reporter: frank they want to talk to both potential victims and perpetrators of crime. everyone who volunteered out here got one of these cards with the three reasons they're out there tonight, they say they care, they want the violence to stop, and they want to know how they can help. friday night on international boulevard more than 20 people in white jackets walked both sides of the street. talking to everyone they met. it's a side pastor marty peters wants people in this city of oakland to get used to. >> we care about oak land -- oakland and we want the violence to stop. >> reporter: these weekly walks makes a difference in oakland. >> it's about to get rough. >> reporter: tonight leaders asked us not to follow them for too long to avoid the
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perception that they're out for publicity. >> people who look out for perpetrators or victims, we love those people. we want to show them by being out here with them. >> reporter: bringing together members of the african americans and latin communities. >> reporter: pastor bernabe tells us they're working for one cause. >> we're not just asking you to put your guns down or stop selling drugs and we not have anything in place for that. we're here to help you find a job, we're here to help you find housing. >> reporter: organizers say they know oakland tried a similar approach back in 2008 and it was not successful. however the same strategy has worked in other cities. quick action by san rafael firefighters put out a condominium fire before it spread to other units. the fire started at 5:45 this morning in the kitchen of one
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of the units on woodland avenue. firefighters managed to put out the flames in about five minutes. the fire was likely sparked by unintended food cooking in the kitchen. the santa rosa press democrat is being served for the second time in three years. now it's selling the three to sonoma media. before halifax the new york times had owned the paper for two years. what do we want? >> revenge. >> when do we want it. >> now. >> reporter: the protest comes on the same day as the store's grand reopening after being remodeled.
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for the first time in nearly 20 years an east oakland community is getting it own grocery store. this morning a ground breaking ceremony was held for a new foods co. set to open in the summer of next year. the new store in foothill square will also bring in at least 450 jobs to the area. there's also plans for a new ross dress for less and anna's linens to open in that square. ktvu's rob roth tells us -- >> my name is ivory madison. >> yes that ivory madison, the one who video tape add bruise on lopez' arm that helped convict mirkarimi. now madison has taped this ad.
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>> i'm voting for anyone on the ballot but cristina alagie. >> why? because olage voted mirkarimi back into office. >> olage thinks it's okay to attack your wife and still serve as sheriff. >> reporter: two wealthy businessman began putting money in to unseat her. >> i believe the bigger agenda is really about rolling back a lot of the advances that we made here in the city. >> she elected politics over public safety. >> reporter: olague was appointed by major ed lee after mirkarimi whod had been district five supervisor was elected sheriff. olague surprised much of city hall. >> no i do not have any regrets
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about my vote. >> reporter: the campaign ad is running on you tube, social media and is expected to be e- mailed to 100,000 registered voters here in the district. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a newly released map now shows all the areas in santa clara county that are vulnerable to earthquakes. the map was released by the state department of conservation. it was created to make planners aware of the county's most earthquake prone zones. just go to and click on web links to see the map. and temperatures today look like these. we had lots of 60s and low 70s. here are the numbers, 70 in napa, 70 in fairfield. highs in your saturday warmer still. warmer still as we head into sunday. the thing i'm thinking about tonight, we have a lot of valley fog. we have a lot of it tonight,
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tomorrow night be ready for it. dewpoint temperatures gets reached around midnight. that means the temperature falls to the dewpoint temperature, you get fog. you find it in the low lying areas. so watch out for fog in the morning. i'm going to show you how warm it's going to get on saturday and sunday. and we'll have a look at the chance of rain. perfect is one word being used to describe this year's grape harvest. it is winding down and it's the largest crop in five years. it's 10% larger than normal. pinot noir has been the largest. this year there have been no problems with pests. >> some tense moments at a school in the east bay. what prompted a large response by police and sheriff's deputies. a south bay principal on trial accused of not reporting accusations of child abuse.
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the issue that appears to have split the jury. >> port of oakland workers staged a demonstration. how a ktvu investigation led to today's rally.
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concerns about a fight sent authorities to freedom high school in oakley today. news chopper 2 was over head as police combed the campus. students and faculty were asked to stay inside their classrooms for about 30 minutes. no threat was determined but some officers stayed on campus as a precaution. authorities said the concerns stem from fights earlier in the week. we have news from menlo park where four people have been wounded in a drive by shooting. it happened at 8:05 tonight. the four victims were in the driveway of a home. one victim is in critical condition. one in serious and two other
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reported in good condition. the menlo park police say they are looking for two vehicles described only as a black honda and black acura. in the south bay, a jury is struggling to reach a verdict in the trial of a school principal charged with not reporting possible child abuse by a teacher. ktvu's robert handa tells us jurors appear to be split over what institutes reasonable suspicion. >> all of the activity in the trial here at the county courthouse went on behind closed doors in the jury room. lyn jivavindren failed to report possible child abuse by a teacher after a student complained. according to a police report and notes taken by vijaendryn,
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during the trial,jivavindren said she was fooled by the teacher. >> really doesn't match up because the principal is absolutely, personally trained to be accountable and report this not depend on anyone elses opinion. >> reporter: vijayendran transferred the child to another classroom after the request of her parents. >> despite the locked doors and the kids alone and the helen keller, he was allowed access to these children. >> reporter: they are split 8- 4. mainly if vi -- vijayendran
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ahad reason to be suspicious. following our ktvu investigation of questionable spending of port officials. >> who's got the power? >> we got the power. >> reporter: more than 100 workers rallied at the oakland airport which is operated by the port. members of sciu complained they have been working without a contract for 16 months. >> they don't want to have any negotiations anymore. they don't want to come back and forth. with all the unfair spending that you guys have uncovered which is just a small tip of the iceburg. >> reporter: our ktvu investigation uncovered thousands of dollars in questionable spending including $5,000 by by a strip club. they have hired an investigative council to investigate. >> a plea for help. >> you're going to die, you don't understand you have to
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get your out of this corner now. >> it is a digital scavenger hunt. how you can get a piece of the giant's victory by logging on to twitter. >> and you can always watch the ktvu news by downloading our app.
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when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th...
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or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1. the long super long lines for gas in new jersey because of super storm sandy are about to get shorter. governor chris christie today ordered odd, even gas rationing tomorrow in new jersey. more than half of the state's gas stations closed because of the power outages or because they had no gas. as you can imagine waiting in those long lines sometimes for hours has frayed a lot of nerves. >> more help is on the way for
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the northeast tonight. dozens of pg & i workers have headed to long island. one worker said he's glad for help because some day california may need a favor in return. john fowler reports on the add -- additional groups in california and what they will find. >> reporter: 50 workers flew out today, 50 more tomorrow totaling 250 workers and 100 trucks that as yet another storm bears down on the devastated east coast. >> there's still about 150 million people without power. >> reporter: new york staten island hit exceptionally hard. four days without gasoline or electricity. >> you're going to die, you don't understand you have to get your truck here on this corner, now. >> reporter: i reached pg & e
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trucks, they said that the main concern is hospitals and health care centers. >> we have the election, our opportunity to exercise our rights to vote and that's kind of a big deal. >> reporter: i also phoned 37- year-old tarson a san franciscan who moved to find work. he said he had to work 30 blocks just to charge his phone. >> it's like a ghost town. it's very eerie. the only sounds that i hear are sirens. >> reporter: buss are now not running after sunset. the streets empty saved for police, a few taxis and roaming teenagers. >> it is extremely creepy to be out. it's very scary. it's pitch black. >> reporter: pg & e tells me its crews begin work tomorrow and power could be on by sunday evening. john fowler. more details now the new york city marathon set for
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sunday is cancelled. mayor michael bloomburg gave into enormous pressure and called it off today. the idea of evicting storm victims from hotels to make room for runners riled new yorkers. then there were the complaints that huge generators at the finish line could be better used elsewhere. the race was to start in staten island one of the hardest hit places in new york. the red cross is reporting a surge of donations for storm victims. nearly $34 million adds of early this morning but one official in staten island admits his cash hasn't done much for hiss borough and that people should give their money to other associations. one thing is clear and must be addressed in light of frequent natural disasters. the climate is changing, there are more of these disaster so there had to be some
10:33 pm
adaptation. >> boxer also noted supplies are arriving on the east coast. the national guard has set up a staging ground for such supplies. if you want to help those on the east coast visit and scroll down to the hot topic tab. restoration hardware made a strong debut today. the madero company rang the bell in new york this morning. its ipo price was $7.10 a share but at the end of the day it was $31.10. wall street ended the week down sharply. the dow lost 139 points today the nasdaq fell 37. stocks rose early in the day but then fell as the losses to
10:34 pm
many corporations from hurricane sandy became clearer. our election 2012 coverage continues. it is now down to the finish line today president obama and republican candidate mitt romney used the numbers to their favor. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney see one number in two very different ways. just listen to their supporters chants. >> four more years, four more years, four more years. >> four more day, four more days, four more days. >> reporter: president obama and his running mate vice president joe biden focused on new jobs added to the economy. >> this morning we learned that companies hired more workers in october than at any time in the
10:35 pm
last eight months. >> we created 5.4 million new sector jobs. >> reporter: there are now more workers in america than there were when the president took office in january of 2009. but that includes an increase in the number of people who can only find part time work. mitt romney says look at a different number. >> today we learned that it's actually 7.9% and that's 9 million jobs short of what he promised. unemployment is higher today than when barack obama took office. >> reporter: hiring has barely kept up, and more than 10 million people can't find a job. polls show americans think the economy and jobs are the major issue. no wonder both campaigns are spinning the numbers. presidential voting preferences have not changed much here in california according to a new exclusive ktvu field poll. in the final preelection poll taken from october 25th to the
10:36 pm
30th, voters statewide support president obama 54% to 39% for mitt romney. that is roughly the same lead president obama has held over romney since 2011. actor john cusack production company says it is working on a movie about rush limbaugh. cusack himself will star in it. it is finally here, the mini i pad has arrived but where were the crowds? the one thing experts say may have kept some customers away. >> and back here in just a couple of minutes, we go right into the bay area weekend. and a chance of rain coming next week. >> this is a wonderful city, people just come together to help people. to be like part of a community here. >> and back in business, the generous act that helped a san francisco man after his shoe
10:37 pm
shine stand was damaged during the giant's celebration last sunday night.
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apple's new i pad mini was released today but the lines to buy it were much shorter. the number of customers in line
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was smaller than the number of apple staff. and the same was true with apple's palo alto store. >> i thought it was going to be longer, i thought it was going to be wrapped around in the corner. they were talking about when the three came out it was wrapped around the corner so i was stoked when i saw the line. >> reporter: the mini's starting price of $339 maybe too high for some bubuyers. in geneva says a video from syria appears to be video of a war crime by rebels. the video shows rebels kicking soldiers then executing them. abuses by rebels appear to be on the rise although they also say both side are guilty. in brazil, police say they discovered a drug tunnel that led directly to the university
10:41 pm
of sao paolo. the students didn't have to go around a wall that was built specifically to separate the university from that slum. it is something you don't see every day, san francisco mayor ed lee playing ping-pong on market street. the mayor joined public works and mta officials at market and powell for a lively game of ping-pong. it was all part of the city's better market street project meant to promote the area as more than just a shopping spot. the improvement project focuses on a long stage of progress. giant fans are taking to twitter for a chance to find a commemorative series bat. tomorrow they will hide bats and tweet clues for a digital
10:42 pm
scavenger find. just how warm will it get this weekend? bill martin has your complete bay area forecast. ler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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a woman who says she was sexually abused decades ago by two teachers at a middle school in moraga says that she had to relive all the pain today. why that woman is startled how the district reacted to allegations that the school did not protect her. >> this is early when the abuse was starting. >> reporter: sometimes those silent words behind the smiling faces tell lies trying to put a straight face.
10:45 pm
>> i think there's shame that comes with child abuse. >> reporter: 15 years ago, this girl says she was sexually abused by not one but two teachers. this week the district filed a legal response saying she played a role in her own abuse. >> i just kept reading those words over and over again that i was negligent and partially responsible. >> reporter: the superintendent released a statement today saying in part they empathize with mrs. canane and did not intend to cause her former disstress. we have an obligation not to wave any potential legal lines of defense. we read the statement to cannene which goes on to say of the district's nine potential defenses she has seized on the one that blames the victim. >> i'm going to cry -- it's just hard to hear that i'm seizing on something. because this is, this is my
10:46 pm
life. and i read those word and i was brokenhearted. >> reporter: cannan has move on to be a winning swim coach in cal but says this part of her life needs closure. >> it's just really important to me that they're held accountable because that's the way that i heal. >> reporter: in moraga, noelle walker. >> when an expectant mother in fairfield asked her husband to call 911 she thought she would get a ride to the hospital but when the fire department called, there was no time for that. anthony malonie delivered a healthy baby girl in the mother's bathroom. mother and baby are doing great and the mother has one very special story to tell. >> how about that. a friendly reminder now, the end of daylight savings means two extra hours.
10:47 pm
as always here it's recommended that when you reset your clocks you also check all the smoke detectors in your home and change the batteries. you made it to the weekend. the weather is looking good. we have a weather pattern for the next several days. actually the next week. you see increasing clouds and there's a little bit of sprinkle activity up into eureka. maybe a little drizzle showing off right by the cliff house and south by linda mar, but that's it. this stuff moves out. there's a look at fog or chance of fog like we had the last couple of mornings valley fog and it's really thick. if you're running out to davis or south of fresno watch out for it. low lying areas especially in the north and east bay. saw some last night, wow it's just a patch of it it shows up as you drop into those dips.
10:48 pm
be ready for that in the central valley we'll find it from sacramento south and antioch out toward the livermore valley. patchy fog overnight. that's the story tonight. but then high pressure buildings in the wind go offshore. if this was coming after no rain, i would be wow, fire danger. we might even be looking at fire danger here. maybe red flag advisory or fire advisory but we're not. we're looking at really wet weather but fire danger much reduced because of the rain we've had. which is great. tomorrow morning you see the clouds. it's everywhere. fog, high cloud and right in the afternoon just clearing right up. that's the high pressure setting up. the air starts to sink and go offshore. we have a nice looking day tomorrow. saturday's temperatures are not going to be as warm as sunday. sunday's numbers are going to be warmer than this. let's say this is saturday which it is.
10:49 pm
you will get your sunday numbers by adding a few to these. this is one of those days we can send you to the san mateo coastline, there's no fog. no coastal fog so it's going to be one of those beautiful weekend where you can go just about any where and get what you want. even in downtown san francisco and the avenue parks it's going to be sunny. take advantage of it because as you know winter is coming and it's not that far away. it's not showing up here in the five day forecast. but on wednesday the clouds thicken up. and on saturday there's an unusual cool weather system coming our way. snow for the mountains and here it's great. >> weekend looks great, we're going to fall back on saturday and sunday. five days after vandals set fire to a small shoe stand. the owner is back in business. larry moore has a new stand
10:50 pm
tonight thanks to a generous donation from san francisco's recycling contractor recology. workers installed that stand where moore has made his living for the last six years. >> this is a wonderful city, people just come together to help people. to be like part of a community here. >> there have been no arrests in connection with the fire at moore's stand. since the fire moore says he has received more than $10,000 in donations from strangers. >> i've seen him out there, always has that shirt and tie on, very dapper. a big injury tonight. who had to be helped off the court. how the cal bear's football team made history tonight. just by taking the field.
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10:53 pm
this is a first, the cal bears playing a friday night home game at memorial stadium. tonight's pac12 opponent, the huskies. they warned that traffic would be heavier than usual. fines for parking violations were doubled with tickets starting at $72. a big time injury for the warriors. >> there was a couple of
10:54 pm
injuries in the cal bears game as well. but the warriors season started with injuries. eight minutes into the game, six men brandon goes high to the hole. randolph gives a little push and goes down hard. rush left with a left knee injury he will get results from an mri tomorrow. grizzlies let by 14 in the second quarter. warriors ran 15 straight to take the lead. 17 game high. memphis got 29 points and mike conley gets the three. they win 104-94.
10:55 pm
warriors play the clippers and l.a. tomorrow night. golden bears needed to run the table to become bowl eligible starting tonight against the visiting washington huskies. cal had 14 players out with injuries including keenan al lean and everything got -- keenan allen and everything got worse from there. he may never wear a golden bear jersey again. chris harper a chance to look and show off. that's a harper's bazaar, too bad it didn't translate points. the second quarter chris harver makes his first college run. cal u gets two field goals and put together a 90-yard drive. keith price throws to austin
10:56 pm
safarian jenkins. huskies beat cal for the fourth time. mannard gets injured and leaves the game with a knee injury. they fall to three and seven over all after losing on the day. third time in head coach jeff there will be no bowl game invitation. and our high school football game of the week. how about this one, right there in danville it's san ramon valley against monte vista. grizzlies led at halftime. but san ramon valley coming back big time. burst hits de la pena. then he find his second gear and it's a 76-yard touchdown for de la pena and the wolves. they cut the lead to five.
10:57 pm
. they come back to win to share. they also take home this huge danville trophy for the coming year. dan mack is going home. mark mcgwire the -- agrees to take the same position. and both warriors and cal bears lose players to injuries. i don't want to say they are jinxed but it keeps happening and happening and big players too. >> we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> mornings on 2 begins at 7:00 with more on that drive by shooting that wounded four people tonight. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu.
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mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.

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